Danger level 8
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Block exe files from running
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • System crashes
  • Slow Computer

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus

You may start wondering what Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus is once the malicious ransomware infection slithers onto your computer, locks it down and displays a suspicious cyber security warning. Cyber criminals who have developed the vile alert have made it look highly intimidating and convincing. Despite this, you should not believe that your PC’s lock-down has been initiated by the national Dutch Police or that you need to pay attention to the information provided within the fake warning. Getting Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus removed is the only important task you should perform, and threatening statements (see below) should be ignored:

Illegale activiteit gedetecteerd!
Uw besturingssysteem is geblokkeerd voor schending van de wetten van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden! Uw IP-adres is: […]. De gebruiker van dit IP-adres, gebruikt zijn computer voor het weergeven of downloaden van pornografische video bestanden met kinderpornografie, bestialiteit en geweld tegen kinderen of heeft ontvangen toegang tot de websites met pornografie, kinderpornografie, geweld tegen kinderen en bestialiteit. Bovendien, werden deze bestanden ontdekt door onze Experts op de harde schijf van uw computer. Om uw computer te ontgrendelen, bent u aansprakelijk tot het betalen van een boete van € 100. De boete moet worden betaald voor 24 uur sinds het vergrendelen van de computer.

Whether you pay the alleged fine during the next 24 hours or not, your computer will remain locked. This is because the warning is fictional and the national authorities are not accusing you of distributing pornography or performing any of the listed crimes. Of course, if you are guilty of any of them, you should terminate this activity, because you could be prosecuted. Regardless, the fake alert has nothing to do with your online actions, and the same statements will be presented within other computer infected with the sane virus.

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus is not the only threat you could face and it is essential to protect your PC against malicious Trojans, which could be blamed for the ransomware invasion, worms, keyloggers or even clone viruses. Such infamous infections as Nederlands Politie virus or Buma Stemra virus (also known as Ukash viruses) could slither into your PC if you live in the Netherlands. All of these infections need to be removed with the assistance of automatic removal software. If you follow these instructions, SpyHunter will be triggered to delete Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus immediately.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1. Restart the computer and wait for BIOS to load.
2. Once BIOS screen disappears, start tapping F8 to access Advanced Boot Options menu. Repeat the two steps if you are not directed to the menu.
3. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking.
4. Hit Enter on the keyboard to apply the selection.
5. Wait for the PC to load and then go to http://www.pcthreat.com/download-sph to download SpyHunter.
6. Install SpyHunter to have all running spyware deleted and your PC protected.

Windows XP:

1. Perform steps 1-4 from the instructions above.
2. Click Yes when the “Desktop” alert comes up.
3. Click on the Start menu (left corner of the Task Bar) and launch RUN.
4. Type “msconfig” and click OK to access System Configuration Utility.
5. Click on the Startup tab and Disable All, then hit Apply.
6. Download SpyHunter.
7. Restart the computer in a regular manner. Your PC should be unlocked.
8. Before resuming to other tasks, install SpyHunter and get the virus removed first.

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