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Danger level 8
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Strange toolbar installed without Your permission


Adware.Addendum is an adware program that looks like a browser helper object (BHO). You can identify the infection by the toolbar that gets installed in your browser and the process files you find running in the Task Manager such as admmgr.exe, eagmr.exe or admrup.exe. Even though Adware.Addendum might present itself as a browser helper object it actually is known for forcefully redirecting user to malware-related websites and not allowing the user to access particular websites via search queries. Not to mention, Adware.Addendum is also capable of downloading executable files and running them on your system. You can never know the nature of the files Adware.Addendum downloads, and it might as well bring even more malware without you even realizing it.

Also, there is this particular symptom that is common to most of the adware applications. Namely - pop-up advertisements of commercial nature. They are annoying and pop up every now and then interfering with your web browsing, and it should be enough of a reason for you to remove Adware.Addendum from your computer, but this program does a lot more things for which it should be banned from your system for good.

For example, when it gets installed, Adware.Addendum monitors Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers in order to check whether you access any search website. Judging from the websites included in the Adware.Addendum's list, this program has been created or is targeting Korean users, because the search engines monitored include (but are not limited to) Daum, Paran, Auction, Gmarket, Interpark, Lotte and other major Korean portals. It is worth mentioning that Auction, Gmarket and Interpark are major Korean internet shopping websites, so Adware.Addendum might be checking your shopping preferences in order to display commercial advertisements based on your shopping habits, or worse - it could be used to steal your IDs and passwords.

After all Adware.Addendum does connect to other websites without the user's knowledge to send out information and download updates. The websites related to Adware.Addendum are,, and etc.

Adware.Addendum is a very annoying application that tampers with your web browsing habits and thus it has to be removed. Manual removal might be quite challenging, so it would be better if you downloaded a powerful security tool and removed Adware.Addendum automatically. This way you will also be able to check whether there are any other intruders in your system.

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How to manually remove Adware.Addendum

Files associated with Adware.Addendum infection:


Adware.Addendum processes to kill:


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