Danger level 7
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR is a devious infection that exploits the high-risk Java code and can copy itself to multiple system’s locations to hide from complete removal. The vulnerability that is exploited in order to incorporate malware into computers goes by the name Java Runtime Environment for Oracle Java SE, and it can be faced whilst entering corrupted websites. What is more, the obnoxious application might be encrypted and perfectly disguised from the legitimate security software detection, which could allow schemers to accomplish any tasks needed for their surreptitious scams. The easiest way to recognize the malicious application running is by discovering such infections files as Crop.class, MultiZoom.class and Zoom.class; however, even if you delete them, it may not be enough to have Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR removed.

It has been noticed that file.zip, virus.zip and file.exe malignant components may also travel with the Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR, and these elements are highly dangerous as they can be employed for numerous, malignant operations. File.exe is by far the most dangerous of the three as this executable can modify Windows Security Policies to turn them oblivious to the existence of the malignant program. If you do not delete the risky file.exe at once, this executable can hijack Windows virtual memory, inject RUN and DXCOM codes to startup processes, limit system’s usability by tampering with the runtime policies, modify Firewall to create communication with remote servers and steal data from autoexec.bat. This file may be implemented to record keystrokes, mouse clicks or even screen content, and this could expose your login data within seconds. Schemers’ possibilities could be endless with such sensitive data up their sleeves, as access to personal accounts could help them produce more scams, initiate spam attacks, steal money, and do other dangerous things. This is very dangerous, and if you find any of the given symptoms familiar, you need to find and delete Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR immediately.

The truly astute and complicated Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR is not an infection that everyone would be able to delete manually. In fact, most computer users would not succeed at this task, and, additionally, are likely to cause even more detriment. So, if malware removal is not something you have a lot of experience in – delete Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR with trustable and legally acquired automatic removal tools, which will also be able to inspect if no other infections are hidden within the system.

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How to manually remove Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR

Files associated with Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR infection:


Exploit:Java/Blacole.BR processes to kill:


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