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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


Trojan.Pucodex.B is a generic Trojan infection that is classified as a Trojan-downloader. It was first detected in October 2009, and it still manages to infect multiple computers worldwide. The user is not prompted about Trojan.Pucodex.B's installation and the Trojan can remain hidden in the system for a long period of time, downloading other malware and installing it behind user's back.

This is exactly what such downloader Trojans as Trojan.Pucodex.B do. It contacts a remote server that is recorded in the Trojan's code, and then it downloads and executes its own updates or new versions of computer malware applications. There might be other Trojans or Adware among the downloaded files, but the possibility of a rogue infection should not be ruled out as well. We cannot know what Trojan.Pucodex.B downloads exactly, because it depends on the person controlling it.

However, everything the Trojan downloads and installs is configured to start automatically at the system boot. The same applies to Trojan.Pucodex.B itself. Many of these programs employ stealth tactics to hide themselves from security products. That's why they inject malicious codes into legitimate system processes (like scvhost.exe) and hijack them.

To avoid being infected by Trojan.Pucodex.B the user should be careful about visiting unknown websites, because the initial infection commonly occurs on websites that have exploits. Nevertheless, if your computer is acting strange and you suspect that there might be something like Trojan.Pucodex.B in your system, you should get yourself a legitimate antimalware scanner and check the system for any infections.

In case you are really infected with Trojan.Pucodex.B, you can terminate it either manually or automatically. While manual removal is something only people with comprehensive computer knowledge can perform, anyone can perform automatic removal, because it requires you to use a computer security program of choice. After the scan, the program can easily remove Trojan.Pucodex.B from your computer, making sure that similar malicious programs do not enter the system again.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Pucodex.B

Files associated with Trojan.Pucodex.B infection:


Trojan.Pucodex.B DLL's to remove:


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