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Danger level 8
Type: Keyloggers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart is a computer infection that monitors user's activity on his computer and then records and stores sensitive information in the depths of your hard drive before sending it away. MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart is written in common intermediate language (previously known as Microsoft Intermediate Language - MSIL). It is the lowest-level programming language that can be read by humans. Therefore, this keylogger is not a very complicated infection, but nevertheless it can cause a lot problems, because MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart resists interrogation by security products and remains hidden for a long time.

Also, things like MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart commonly come bundled with other malicious software, so if you have this keylogger installed on your computer, you most probably are also infected with a list of Trojans, adware and other malware. Needless to say, that MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart adds a Registry auto startup subkey when it is installed, so that the program would lot on system boot up. This monitoring tool uses keylogging technique to collect important data. For example, when you log in to a banking website, everything you type on your keyboard is recorded by MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart, and when it sends the collected data away to a remote server, cyber criminals can get a hold of your financial data (like banking logins and passwords).

If that weren't enough, judging from MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart's components (ActiveCollector.exe, msnmsg.exe or promo.exe), this infection has an ability to block your access to particular security-related websites. This way MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart tries to protect itself from being removed. Also, it can be responsible for downloading even more malware onto your computer. With msnsmg.exe as its component file, MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart can use DNS to retrieve IP address for various websites and communicate with other system via HTTP protocols. Therefore, with MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart your system can be exposed to even further infections and it is necessary to remove MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart as soon as possible.

It would be for the best to use a legitimate antimalware program that would perform a full system scan and remove MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart along with all the other infection that could be possibly hiding within your system. Do perform regular system scans with a reliable security tool, because you can never know when or how you could get infected with MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart.

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How to manually remove MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart

Files associated with MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart infection:


MonitoringTool:MSIL/Skeylart processes to kill:


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