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Danger level 9
Type: Browser Plugins
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow internet connection
  • Cant change my homepage

ILivid Toolbar

ILivid Toolbar is not a product you should have running alongside other legitimate browser add-ons and extensions. The plugin may be applied to many popular Internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, since it actually is a legitimate application. Whether you download the add-on yourself from the official website or you acquire it together with a bundled or encrypted download, you should delete ILivid Toolbar because it is not to be trusted.

Once the ILivid Toolbar plugin is downloaded to a computer multiple components will be dropped in various computer locations and some of them will seriously disrupt your Internet browsing. Malicious components could change the home page, modify your Bookmark or Favorite lists, reconfigure other settings, filter search results and produce various online advertisements. These ads might be completely innocent; however, there is a also a chance that they are managed by cyber criminals. Schemers could pretend to offer legitimate services and goods, pay ILivid Toolbar developers to present these ads, and this is how you could be scammed. Without a doubt, these virtual ads are completely bogus, and if you clicked on any of them, a variety of processes could be initiated. You could be asked to share your banking data whilst purchasing fake security software, or you could be tricked into installing concealed malignant programs.

ILivid Toolbar removal is not something you should postpone or ignore; otherwise, schemers will find a way into your personal space soon enough. The first thing you should do to have the add-on deleted is have it removed from the Control Panel and then move on to the browser extensions’ manager. Whether this works or not, you should also scan your computer with legitimate malware detection and removal software, so that every single malignant file would be deleted timely.

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  1. Daniel Jan 1, 2013

    This works great..!!!! Thank you very much. I’ll recommend it to every body.

    This works great..!!!! Thank you very much. I’ll recommend it to every body.

    How same Virus will infect my system & what will i do when this happen??

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