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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Helper Object
Common infection symptoms:
  • System crashes
  • Slow Computer

Yontoo Layers Client

At first glance Yontoo Layers Client seems to be an Internet browser plugin that Facebook users utilize to access free Facebook layouts. However, Yontoo Layers Client browser helper object is also considered an unnecessary program those clashes with Internet Explorer. Yontoo Layers Client can also be installed on other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The reason why security experts recommend removing Yontoo Layers Client from the computer is the fact that this browser add-on DOES NOT want to be removed. And that is already suspicious on its own.

Yontoo Layers Client is marketed as a legitimate platform for application development, but since it does not register within Internet Explorer we can assume that it taps in browser’s functionality. Previously Yontoo Layers Client could not be installed on Firefox or Chrome, because these browsers exercise really tight security policies. However, it seems that Yontoo Layers Client has found a way to be installed onto those browsers as well.

Whether Yontoo Layers Client has been created for a better cause or not, it has been detected to be causing problems in various computers that had it installed. This browser add-on can easily monitor user’s browsing history and then generate a list of commercial pop-up advertisements based on the user’s browsing habits. Also, Yontoo Layers Client can be responsible for other malware problems.

It does not open a backdoor for other malware infections, but even though Yontoo Layers Client seems to be rather useless, it can bring a heavy package along. Especially if it comes with bundle software download. You might not even realize when or how you install malicious applications, because they can hide behind such browser helper objects as Yontoo Layers Client.

You will save yourself the trouble if you remove Yontoo Layers Client in time. Since manual removal might be rather tricky, you are advised to use a computer security tool that recognizes Yontoo Layers Client as a threat and safely removes it from the system along with its components, restoring the system to its previous state.

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