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Danger level 8
Type: Dialers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection


Dialer:Win32/Adialer is a group of Trojan infections that enter users’ computers in stealth and then dial up to particular phone numbers without your permission. This dialer Trojan usually connects to premium numbers in order to extort your money out of you, so even though there are no exact symptoms for the Dialer:Win32/Adialer infection, you will definitely see that something is off, when you receive an excessively huge phone bill.

Since there are many versions of Dialer:Win32/Adialer it also has various ways to spread. Most of the time this dialer Trojan is delivered via spam email. Thus, you mustn’t open email messages or their attachments, received from unknown senders. If the user activates the Trojan and it gets installed, it is very common for Dialer:Win32/Adialer to connect to the Internet without your permission and then access adult websites using a particular phone number. It manages to connect to these premium numbers many times, before the user notices that he is infected with Dialer:Win32/Adialer. It happens so, because the Trojan runs in the background of the system, and does not have a definite interface.

Although some versions of this Trojan, for example, Dialer:Win32/Adialer.G does have a particular interface in the form of a pop-up message, that appears to be in Italian:

Private Internet Zone
Attenzione!!! Il contenuto che segue e vientato ai minori di 18 anni proseguendo dichiari di essere maggiorenne. Clicca no per l’accesso di 30 minuti al costo di quindici euro. Avrai successivamente la possibilita di convertirlo in un accesso di 24 ore. Cliccando si invece potrai entrare con una connessione a tempo al costo di trecento eurocent al minuto.
Per chiudere il programma componi alt+f4. Inoltre il software ti dara la pssibilita di partecipare a strepitosi sondaggi dove potrai eprimere la tua preferenza.
Buon Divertimento!

Other than that, there are no external infection symptoms. You might be completely oblivious to the fact that Dialer:Win32/Adialer working behind your back. The dialer Trojan is quick to check for Remote Access Service capable devices and then it retrieves phone book entry names from each device found, changing the connection information. Once Dialer:Win32/Adialer changes that information it forces the system to connect to premium charge numbers, especially if you are using a dial-up connection. As a result, you receive a high phone bill, and all of the money you pay becomes a direct income for the hacker.

In order to avoid being robbed by this Trojan you simply must remove Dialer:Win32/Adialer as soon as possible. It will be faster and more efficient to terminate the Trojan with a reliable computer security program. You would not have to deal with system files and the security program would ensure your system’s protection in the future. Thus, do not wait any longer and delete Dialer:Win32/Adialer from your computer immediately.

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How to manually remove Dialer:Win32/Adialer

Files associated with Dialer:Win32/Adialer infection:


Dialer:Win32/Adialer processes to kill:


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