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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Changes background
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Normal system programs crash immediatelly
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


Backdoor.RDPopen.A is a malicious computer infection that can cause a detrimental damage to the operating system. It is a Trojan with backdoor qualities and it means that Backdoor.RDPopen.A allows other malicious programs to access and control your system without you even realizing it. However, since this infection causes erratic system behavior you need to remove Backdoor.RDPopen.A in time, and not wait until it is too late.

This Trojan might enter your system together with another malicious program, because Trojans usually come in packs. What is more, Backdoor.RDPopen.A might be responsible for such things as rogues infecting your computer as well. Thus, you have to cut this infection down at the very beginning otherwise you will have to suffer a lot of annoying infection symptoms.

For starters, since Backdoor.RDPopen.A does not have an interface, you might say that it is basically impossible to notice the Trojan. Nevertheless, upon the installation Backdoor.RDPopen.A installs itself as csrssr.exe which also appears in your Task Manager among the running processes. This process file is a dead giveaway - you definitely have Backdoor.RDPopen.A if you see it running. And this file alone can cause a total system destruction.

Let's start with the fact that it prevents the user from removing it manually by shutting down a lot of important system tools necessary, for example, Windows Registry Editor, Task Manager, and even the Safe Mode. Then, to make the system even more vulnerable and open to other attacks, Backdoor.RDPopen.A modifies Windows Security Policies and System Files and Settings. For example, in case of Backdoor.RDPopen.A's infection, you will no longer see the Windows Security Center's Notification Balloon pop up, because the Trojan disables it.

Then, just like a real backdoor Backdoor.RDPopen.A changes firewall settings in order to communicate with other systems over the internet and allow different undesirable programs entering into your computer. Backdoor.RDPopen.A also adds a link into the Start Menu and modifies the Logon screen saver settings thus barging into the depths of your system settings without your knowledge or consent.

It is more than obvious that with such an intrusive infection your are bound to experience a whole range of dysfunctional computer behavior, and in order to fix that, you have to terminate Backdoor.RDPopen.A as soon as possible. Do not hesitate and acquire a legitimate computer security tool that will help you to remove Backdoor.RDPopen.A once and for all. Do all it takes to make your computer go back to normal.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.RDPopen.A

Files associated with Backdoor.RDPopen.A infection:


Backdoor.RDPopen.A DLL's to remove:


Backdoor.RDPopen.A processes to kill:


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