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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer


Virus.Lamechi.B is a Trojan whose presence you might not notice for a long time. The Trojan gets into your computer’s system unnoticed and injects its codes into certain processes of the system so that the system runs according to the intentions of the Trojan. It is not clearly stated that this infection is a great danger of the system, but, as any infection, Virus.Lamechi.B has to be deleted from the system.

You might not notice that your system is infected, because Virus.Lamechi.B attempt to hide itself behind the file names which are known as the constituent elements of the system. For example, the Trojan uses the name of webcheck.dll to conceal itself. The parts of the original file are located under C:\Windows/System32 or other subfolders of C:\Windows. This file is a system file which normally should not be removed. However, when the file’s name is used by Virus.Lamechi.B, the file might be located in one the folders of C:\Program Files. Because of the characteristics of the file, the Trojan can copy files, create its own folders in the system, produce new processed or even send email messages to the contacts of the victim. As a malicious file, webcheck.dll has been detected on different continents. It was first detected in the USA, in 2007, and only after five years it was detected in Australia. The pace of the discoveries of the file suggests that the malicious webcheck.dll has not been easy to notice.

As Virus.Lamechi.B corrupts some processes, you might notice that your system is not running properly. In other words, any changes of the functioning of your computer should be considered as suspicious and worth examination. Therefore, a reliable and powerful security application is necessary to remove all possible infections. To delete Virus.Lamechi.B from your system, install and launch a security program which will detect and remove the infection. As manual removal of the infection is not recommended because of possible damage caused during the process of removal, a security tool is the best option to get rid of the infection.

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How to manually remove Virus.Lamechi.B

Files associated with Virus.Lamechi.B infection:

Virus.Lamechi.B DLL's to remove:


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