Danger level 6
Type: Viruses
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


If you want to protect your confidential information against illegal breaching, you should rush to remove Virus.Dzan.A, because this cyber criminals’ creation can infect your Windows system with tens of different malignant applications, which on their own account could cause detrimental damage to your personal data. Also known by such names as Virus:Win32/Dzan.A, W32/Dzan-A and Trojan.Nedsym.H, the latent virus has been secretly attacking Windows systems since 2008, and these offensive assaults are as frequent and dangerous as they were in the beginning of this malignant program. What is more, it might seem impossible to delete Virus.Dzan.A, since this infection has no interface, and its dangerous components can ensure its full concealment from any existing security tools.

It is possible that your Windows system is not protected by antimalware software, but the infectious virus can even be propagated into those systems, which have automatic threat detection and removal tools installed. Note that if AV tools are present in your PC, it does not mean that they are active, especially, if you have missed recent updates, or its registration has expired. Even internal Windows security tools can be oblivious to Virus.Dzan.A and its components. Adobe Online.com is one of those components, and this malignant executable can hijack processes, disable file protection, add unfamiliar Start Menu links, and ensure that all illegal processes are initiated with your system’s launch. We do not recommend having this .exe file removed manually, because it is polymorphic, and can hide behind various alias names, including Adobe Update.com, thumbs.com, recycler .scr, etc.

What is more, the dangerous Virus.Dzan.A can also be complimented by such dangerous, cloaked executables as kasperskytools.exe, server.exe, services.exe, svchost.exe, and explorer.exe. These components can easily create unauthorized links to remote servers, download malware, steal personal information, use personal accounts for virus’ propagation, delete system’s components, remove administrative privileges, cause Internet connection dysfunctions, or even initiate overall system crashes. Therefore, it is very important to remove Virus.Dzan.A at its early stages, before the infection employs more dangerous plug-ins and causes potentially irreparable damage to your system’s and your personal data’s security.

No Windows users should ignore dangerous malware existence, and if you are not certain that the discussed virus is inside your PC, please look out for even small operating system changes, which could identify malignant processes’ activity. Since the infectious application is known to be followed by polymorphic components, which can be hidden from removal with rootkit techniques, automatic removal option is the safest and quickest, when having Virus.Dzan.A deleted. And those, who want to continue manually, will find the list of files and registry keys that need to be deleted below this report.

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How to manually remove Virus.Dzan.A

Files associated with Virus.Dzan.A infection:

Adobe Online.com

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