Danger level 9
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Normal system programs crash immediatelly
  • System crashes

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair is a type of malware, which is usually referred to as ransomware, malicious Windows system invader, which can remove your privileges of accessing your own computer system! Once this happens, you are requested to pay money (a ransom) in order to retrieve the control of your personal computer and operating system. Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair completely blocks you from entering the PC, and every time you try to turn it on, you are greeted with this intimidating message on the screen:

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair
Your PC was infected with Trojan.Agent.ARVP. This is a computer virus created especially to delete information from PCs of business competitors. Probably one of your participated in this act, which was aimed to damage or even ruin your company.
All exciting information was encoded with resistant crypto algorithm EAS-256 which is impossible to decode with common methods. Reinstalling the operating system will lead to DELETION OF ALL INFORMATION irretrievably.
Our company specialists succeeded in identification of vulnerable places in the working algorithm of Trojan.Agent.ARVP virus and uploaded to your PC the special version of Antivirus XP HardDiskRepair so that you could have a chance to recover your files. Our program received important HDDKey, which is urgently important for decoding of the disks.
To cure your PC and decode all your disks you have to purchase the license for Antivirus Hard Disk Repair antivirus product and send us your HDDKey though the license registration form.
Decoding the password will apply AMAZON cloud technologies and vulnerabilities in the crypto algorithm EAS-256. We require from one to twenty four hours to decode the password from your disks.
The password will be sent to your E-mail address. License activation: http://www.antivirusharddiskrepair.ru/04762/ If the web-site is not available try again in several hours.
Your unique HDDKEY: 01FC70011070FB07
Password: _

It is known that the malicious cryptotrojan Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair travels through the security backdoors, created by Trojans, secretly processing in your system. This is why, it is important that you install security software, which could remove such dangerous computer threat, once Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair is deleted from your computer; otherwise, such incident could repeat again. Actually, if you read the message, you are even informed that this supposed infection is caused by a Trojan.Agent.ARVP, which of course, is just a fake threat to intimidate you, and make you follow the directions of activating your Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair registration (“ransom”), in the cyber criminals’ website. It is stated that, in return of registration in this site, you will be given the requested password, which will free your computer of infections that in reality do not even exist.

There is no way to remove this Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair message in a manual or automatic way, because of inability to get inside the system and delete malignant files; therefore you are forced to pay money, which seems to be the only way to remove this technical issue. Stop right there and, instead of paying money for something completely useless and disclosing your sensitive, personal data to cyber crooks, use the password listed bellow to remove Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair.

HDDKey: 01FC70011070FB07
Password: zz1

Even when this malware activation combination seems to remove Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair and you are able to access your system again, in reality it is still in your PC, and there is no way of telling whether this attack will not repeat again. So, do not wait until malicious cryptotrojan invites other malignant programs or regenerates its symptoms, and install security tools, which will remove any infectious Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair’s components and will not let such malware invade again.

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