Danger level 5
Type: Viruses
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection


Windows malware Virus.Protmin.gen!A is also known by such names as Virus.Win32.Cnsmin.B, Virus.Win32.Cnsmin.B!IK, VirTool:WinNT/Protmin.gen!A, and Riskware.AdWare.Win32.EZula!IK. This infection is closely related to Spyware.CnsMin or Spyware:Win32/CnsMin malignant application, which is know to hide malware processes from detection and removal. The dangerous program originates from China, and has been infecting Windows systems all around the world, especially those in China, U.S., Japan and India. The virus can implement browser helper objects, redirect IE searches, and has been known to initiate infection’s regeneration, if some of its components get deleted. Without a doubt you need to delete Virus.Protmin.gen!A from your system, and you will only succeed is all malignant infection’s files are removed.

The cunning application is highly treacherous, because it does not have an interface, and its malignant components are polymorphic, which allows them to be camouflaged against detection and removal. All dangerous virus files cns.exe, CnsMinKP.sys, CNRNDV.sys and 9a5878c1-55ea-232f-53ff-957685673b08.dll are located under C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder, and these files are responsible for background service creation and self replication into further systems. Cnrndv.sys is a system driver file, which belongs to a product named Chinese Internet 2007 (trans. from 中文上网2007), and has a description, which is CnrnDvXP. Another file is CnsMinKP.sys, and this dangerous component is closely linked to 3721 Internet Assistant, which is a Yahoo! Assistant’s browser helper object (BHO). Implemented by schemers, this .sys file can slow down systems, and cannot be removed easily, which might help infection’s regeneration.

Virus programs are superbly latent, and because infection’s components might change their structures, you should implement securityhigh-risk program might open backdoors for more dangerous infections to invade, and such devious software could easily steal your personal data or damage your Windows system. If you have sufficient experience, and you are 100% certain you will be able to remove Virus.Protmin.gen!A manually, please kill all processes and remove all files and registry keys, which are related to the virus.

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How to manually remove Virus.Protmin.gen!A

Files associated with Virus.Protmin.gen!A infection:


Virus.Protmin.gen!A DLL's to remove:


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