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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


Amongst all types of different Trojans, PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A is one of the most dangerous, because of its capabilities to steal personal information, which could be used to generate financial profits, or be included in additional cyber criminals’ schemes. The dangerous infection does not have an interface, so once it slithers into an unprotected Windows system, you might not even notice that anything has changed, until detrimental symptoms appear. You may notice that your PC is slowing down dramatically, or your Windows privileges are being removed one by one, until you delete PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A, and if you do not rush to destroy the infection, various other malware could invade, causing even more damage.

Even though the main Trojan’s component is Mozillaupdt32.exe, various other executables have been witnessed, and they are much more harmful. One of such dangerous components is asf.exe, which is a system backdoor, and can add or delete processes, modify physical memory protection, connect tot the Internet, change homepage, and implement a rootkit, to hide these and other vicious processes. Dcim.exe is even more dangerous, and this file can make it impossible to remove PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A Trojan, because of the restricted access to Task Manager and Registry Editor. The vicious component can record passwords, user names, email, Outlook or phone book contact details, and can even modify Windows Security Center, so that any existing security applications would not identify danger or delete the Trojan.

And if that is not enough, bot.exe is an instrument, which can be used to steal your remaining, personal information. Just like other Trojan’s products, this executable can add and delete Registry entries, remove processes, perform DNS lookups, link remote servers to the Remote Registry Service, modify Default Windows Network Shares, and steal information from the autoexec.bat file. All of these malignant files could be extremely dangerous to your personal identity, financial protection, and operating Windows system safety, which is why you should delete PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A straight away.

No one should even consider having PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A removed manually, because of the Trojan’s rootkit and polymorphic structure features. Nonetheless, you CAN get rid of the infection automatically with installed legitimate security software. Such Windows applications will kill the infection timely, and will secure your computer’s protection for a long time. Additionally, you must be aware that automatic malware detection and removal programs should be updated at all times; otherwise, Trojans, and other viruses could invade soon enough.

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How to manually remove PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A

Files associated with PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A infection:


PWSteal.Wetgolaz.A processes to kill:


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