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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


There is a new Trojan that will try to slither inside your system, causing damage to your personal identity and your system’s integrity. Many Windows users detect and delete Trojan.Weelsof too late, after substantial harm is caused, and it is because this particular infection can lurk inside your system for a long time until you find it eating away your system’s components. And the question of how this infection slithers inside can become a real puzzle, since there a tens of different invasion ways. Some users might catch it via bundled downloads, others through infected USB devices, and you might download an encrypted program, which truly is a camouflaged Trojan. After running such fictitious program, nothing should happen, at least nothing that your desired piece of software could do. In reality, you simply launch Trojan’s setup, and its malignant files can start running their malignant processes.

Trojan.Weelsof has been created from different components, including those with randomly generated names (irrmnwmw.exe, jattcfwvdyrfwcjjrfej.exe) and stolen, cloaked names like file.exe. This executable can be found under C:\Documents and Settings, and its known file sizes are 7,897 bytes, 62,464 bytes, 82,432 bytes, or 465,920 bytes. Of course, if you notice this file in a different size, it is possible that the original file has been modified, and you should not rush to delete it! Since the malignant file has been seen to change its structure (polymorphic), it will be extremely difficult to detect and delete Trojan.Weelsof from your system. This .exe file can delete or hijack your system’s processes, modify runtime policies, security settings and even disable Firewall, to allow uninterrupted connection to remote servers. File.exe can download even more dangerous infections to your system, copy your phone book contacts, or even get inside the autoexec.bat file. Such collected information could easily be used to steal your identity, and use it for Trojan’s propagation.

There may be many more symptoms that follow the treacherous Trojan, but aforementioned disturbances are enough to create difficulties for you to find and remove Trojan.Weelsof from your system. What is more, the malignant application could be followed by many more components, and if you do not know how to discover such infectious files from your system, manual removal is not an option for you. Instead of risking your system to be compromised even more, you should install automatic removal tools, which will delete the Trojan from your system within a couple of minutes. Moreover, with legal software installed in your PC, no more malicious programs will have a chance of slithering inside again.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Weelsof

Files associated with Trojan.Weelsof infection:


Trojan.Weelsof processes to kill:


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