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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Blocks internet connection
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


Mal/Zbot-EZ is a vicious Windows Trojan, which also goes by such names as Trojan.Alureon.FK and DDoS:Win32/Fareit.gen!A. The highly treacherous infection has been noted to travel through spam email attachments, encrypted/bundled downloads, and other security backdoors, which can be monitored and controlled by experienced hackers. Even though the infection will not try to deceive you into purchasing any software as directly as rogue antispyware products would, but the latent application could create backdoors for such and other malware to invade! So, if your system is not protected by up-to-date security software, and you have noticed various system disruptions, go ahead and learn how you can remove Mal/Zbot-EZ right now.

The sinister Windows attacking cluster of vicious components have been seen to travel through fake FDIC emails, but there is no reason why infectious executables could not infiltrate through different sources. One file could enter together with bundled software, and others could be downloaded later on, when unauthorized connections are made. All in all, once all dangerous elements are in place, the Trojan can start affecting your computer, and DoS (denial of service) attacks could be carried out. This means that the infectious application could disrupt your Internet connection, or remove administrative privileges to certain system’s components, especially if they could be used to detect and delete Mal/Zbot-EZ. With successful DoS or DDos (distributed denial of service) attacks, your PC could become barely operable, and all of your personal information could be used for various malign third parties’ intentions.

To identify the infection, you should follow system changes and detect malign processes in the Task Manager; however, Mal/Zbot-EZ is a rootkit Ttrojan, which means that it could be impossible to dicover and delete malign processes, running in your Windows OS. Nonetheless, most dangerous files of this greatly risky infection is dropbox.exe and validator.exe. The first executable is cloaked, and an original file by the same name could be found on your system, if you use DropShots’ Dropbox application, and it can create connections between your system and remote servers over the Internet. This file is high-risk, because it can add, delete or hijack processes, and has been identified as an information stealer, which can easily record data from your Outlook address book. Validator.exe is also cloaked (belongs to WestByte), and this file can create difficulties to remove Mal/Zbot-EZ, because of its ability to disable safe mode and modify Windows Security Center, so that no infection’s processes are notified.

Rootkit Trojans cannot be deleted manually by Windows users, who have never dealt with such malware before; however, automatic removal tools should not have any trouble with the task. Once such software is installed, activate it to remove Mal/Zbot-EZ, and keep up with the updates, which could save you from other infectious attacks in the future.

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How to manually remove Mal/Zbot-EZ

Files associated with Mal/Zbot-EZ infection:


Mal/Zbot-EZ processes to kill:


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