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Danger level 9
Type: Browser Hijackers browser hijacker

Any person is interested in a good web search engine, because we use such things as Google every single day. Due to the high demand and big user traffic Google can also be targeted by malware. browser hijacker is one of these malicious infections that can seriously degrade the quality of your web-browsing. It is one of Google Redirect Viruses that does not allow the user to utilize Google or any other search engine (such as Bing, for example) to the fullest. When you are infected with browser hijacker instead of opening a search result page, your browser is forcefully redirected to homepage, where you can be exposed to various malicious applications.

On the surface, looks like an average search engine, and officially it claims that it combines the aggregated search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, to provide a comprehensive search result list. Unfortunately, this website that you get redirected too is swarmed with undesirable adware and spyware that can be downloaded onto your computer without even notifying you. What is more, apart from forcefully redirecting you to website, the browser hijacker can also block your access to certain websites that you visit quite often.

Even though browser hijacker in itself is not particularly dangerous to your system, the fact that it can be a medium to far more serious infections requires you to remove browser hijacker from your computer as soon as possible. The hijacker will slow down the overall performance of your system and you will soon be flooded with various pop-ups and commercial advertisements that will try to extort your money out of you, and might even lead to a dangerous rogue infection.

Unfortunately, browser hijacker does not have an uninstall function even if tries to pass for legitimate program, and as a result it resists being removed from your system. Manual removal can be very hard, because there are many system settings you might need to change were you to delete browser hijacker on your own. Thus you are advised to acquire a reliable computer program that will be able to remove browser hijacker automatically and you will be able to use your search engine as before.

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