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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection


A new Windows OS infection, which goes by the name of Worm.IRCbot.I, has been detected, and all of this malware’s power is encoded in its own name. This malicious application truly is a worm, which theoretically is capable of spreading its own infection via networking channels, and can remove your ability to connect to the Internet, in the most extreme cases. Worm.IRCbot.I is also based upon Internet Relay Chat (IRC) feature, which in a legal form allows unattended file sharing, meaning that this IRC service, employed by Worm.IRCbot.I could spread the infection via Internet chats. Most worms are capable of circumventing Windows security tools. Note that there are a few Worm.IRCbot.I files, which every PC user should be careful of, as they can cause serious Windows system and security damage. If you notice sqlcsw32.dll and MSconfig.exe components processing in your Task Manager, be sure that your next step should be figuring out the quickest way to remove Worm.IRCbot.I.

The malicious Worm.IRCbot.I dynamic link library file sqcsw32.dll works as a malware downloader and system backdoor, which can allow other malignant applications to invade. This is highly dangerous, because if your Windows OS gets infected with even more dangerous software, it might become absolutely inoperable and your personal data could be stolen for unlawful intentions. Another Worm.IRCbot.I file, which should be deleted in order to get rid of the infection, is MSconfig.exe, a cloaked application, which can modify the original Windows components by the same name. The authentic component is able to record your information input, manipulate your data and circumvent existing security tool’s detection. If you notice this Worm.IRCbot.I file under C:\Windows or C:\Windows\Sytem32, then it is highly likely that worm’s MSconfig.exe has truly modified the real file and has implemented the aforementioned attributes! This fraudulent security tool is also capable of modifying system’s start-up settings, changing Windows Security Center features, in order to be hidden from being detected and removed. This Worm.IRCbot.I file can add and delete files or processes, disable the safe mode feature, and change your runtime policies to restrict you from running certain system components.

Worm.IRCbot.I is highly dangerous to your system’s functionality and personal privacy, so if you have no wish for your information to be stolen for schemers’ benefit, remove aforementioned and other Worm.IRCbot.I files. If you are sure you have enough experience deleting infections like this worm, you can proceed with the manual removal; however, it is recommended to remove Worm.IRCbot.I with legitimate security tools, because only this measure will assure that no files have been missed from the infection’s removal. Also, to avoid future attacks, be careful when you surf the web, as malware like Worm.IRCbot.I can be hiding behind spam email attachments, encrypted downloads and many other security backdoors, which from first sight do not declare a possibility of an infection.

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How to manually remove Worm.IRCbot.I

Files associated with Worm.IRCbot.I infection:


Worm.IRCbot.I DLL's to remove:


Worm.IRCbot.I processes to kill:


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