Danger level 8
Type: Viruses
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
Other mutations known as:


Virus.Ramnit is a malicious computer program or a virus that corrupts Windows executable (exe) and HTML files, and then spreads to removable drives. Thus it spreads via removable drives from computer to computer, and when it gets in, Virus.Ramnit tries to open a backdoor in your system and then wait for other instructions from its creator what to do with the loop in the security it had created.

This virus is hard to notice, because Virus.Ramnit does not have an interface, and there are no obvious symptoms of the infection. Depending on what kind of security software you have, the initial Virus.Ramnit file might also be detect as Worm.Ramnit.A. It should be noted that this virus is very eager to infect .HTML files that have .HTML or .HTM extension. When it infects these files, Virus.Ramnit intends to reproduce and infect other systems. In order to do that it hijacks your browser and at the end it can even redirect you to a website of malicious content.

Also, with the backdoor that Virus.Ramnit creates your system becomes vulnerable to other attacks and before you know there might be other type of malware lingering in your computer and little by little destroying your system. The backdoor that Virus.Ramnit creates is executed while you browse the internet. It can be inferred that the backdoor is there to bypass the firewall.

Needless to say, that infection like Virus.Ramnit is very dangerous to your overall system security and you can never know where this infection might lead you. For all you know, the backdoor created by the virus might result in another infection (such as rogue antispyware) and in the end you can lose your computer AND your money to these malicious programs. Prevent this from happening and remove Virus.Ramnit before it is too late.

Obviously, it might be hard to deal with the virus on your own if you are not a computer specialist, therefore, it is recommended that you download and install a powerful security tool that will terminate Virus.Ramnit for you automatically, making sure that all the components of the infection are gone as well.

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How to manually remove Virus.Ramnit

Files associated with Virus.Ramnit infection:


Virus.Ramnit processes to kill:



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