Danger level 5
Type: Backdoors
Common infection symptoms:
  • Blocks internet connection
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection


Backdoor.Layrui.A is a Trojan that is classified as backdoor. It means that if you have caught this infection the backdoor will make your system vulnerable to various other attacks from different types of malware. You might not even notice that you have Backdoor.Layrui.A at first, because this parasite does not have a definite interface and it does pop up into your screen like any other annoying rogue antispyware for example. This backdoor works in the background of your system and stays in a low-profile in order to avoid being detected by security products.

Just like any other parasite of the kind Backdoor.Layrui.A allows hackers to access your system surreptitiously without your knowledge or consent. Most of the time, this backdoor will be used to conduct a denial of service attack (DDoS), and/or it will download and install other trojans and malware onto your computer. To put it simply, Backdoor.Layrui.A opens the backdoor of your computer for other malicious types of software to “enjoy” it to the fullest. In order to avoid being infected by this backdoor, you should not click on suspicious links to various sites, especially the ones you receive from unknown senders via messenger programs or as direct messages or comments on a social networking website. Also, if you suspect that you are infected by a parasite of some sort, do check your Windows Task Manager for processes that are associated with Backdoor.Layrui.A.

If you see J_Y.exe and svihost.exe in your Task Manager then you definitely have the backdoor in your system. J_Y.exe is especially dangerous because it is classified as a worm and a banking info stealer, so it means that Backdoor.Layrui.A can also record your sensitive financial information (like banking logins and passwords) by the means of keylogging and on top of having an infection your computer you might also suffer financially. That is only a small part of malicious behavior that the backdoor can exhibit, and therefore, in order to avoid such consequences remove Backdoor.Layrui.A from your computer right when you notice that something is wrong. Use a powerful security tool to destroy this malware automatically, because manual removal is rather tricky. Once you get rid of this backdoor, safeguard your system making sure you don’t get infected by such parasites ever again.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.Layrui.A

Files associated with Backdoor.Layrui.A infection:


Backdoor.Layrui.A processes to kill:


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