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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection


Trojan.Vindox.A is a computer threat which targets your computer without you realizing it. It comes and installs itself without your knowledge and consent, because usually Trojans pretend to be parts of useful programs, or even arrive bundled with shareware programs that you have downloaded on your own. At first glance Trojan.Vindox.A might appear to have a desirable function, but do not be tricked by it. Even though it might perform a function you need, the Trojan can do a lot of dirty things behind your back and before you know it, your system might get into a very serious trouble.

This Trojan usually targets computers that run in Windows XP, Vista and 7. It can be inferred from the fact that there are DTHtml.exe and msserv.exe among the files that are associated with Trojan.Vindox.A Originally these processes that can be found in Windows Task Manager are genuine Windows processes that carry file information in them. However, these files are prone to being used by malware as a camouflage, and this is the exact example of how that happens. Trojan.Vindox.A hides itself behind absolutely innocent names while it continues to perform its evil deeds without you realizing why your computer is getting slower and slower, and why some programs do not run as well as they used to.

The thing this Trojan does the best is hiding itself. It comes along with a whole bunch of cloaked malware, that once installed start running whenever your boot your computer, and it runs in the background all of the time. Remember, a Trojan can easily communicate with its creator over the network, and record your sensitive information by keylogging. Then it can send out the recorded data to the hacker, and even download other malware onto your computer. Trojans seldom come alone! Not to mention, that this parasite is simply terribly annoying in a way that it does not allow you to operate your computer the way you are used to.

To put it simply, you need to remove Trojan.Vindox.A from your computer, before it causes an even greater infection. Do acquire a good security tool which would terminate the Trojan and delete all of its components automatically, because dealing with this parasite on your own might be a little bit too complicated. Whatever you do, just make sure that Trojan.Vindox.A is gone for good.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Vindox.A

Files associated with Trojan.Vindox.A infection:


Trojan.Vindox.A DLL's to remove:


Trojan.Vindox.A processes to kill:


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