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Danger level 8
Type: Adware


Adware.faceplus is a malicious infection which is spread via social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, as well as through peer to peer applications such as Skype and MSN. The threat is classified as adware and will enter the system surreptitiously while not alerting the user to its presence.

Adware.faceplus has the ability to elude detection by security tools by performing all of its activities in the system’s background. First detected on September 14, 2010, more details have become available of Adware.faceplus since. The adware’s executable size is 23K, and its point of origin on the system is the following file path:


The location of the Adware.faceplus executable is already extremely suspicious as the file location is not supposed to contain any executables on the Windows system. Other antivirus and antispyware applications have reported Adware.faceplus under an alias of AdTool.Win32.FenomenGame.eha.

Because of its stealth infiltration of the system the user will remain completely unaware of Adware.faceplus’ presence on the system. Symptoms to look out for which may indicate the presence of Adware.faceplus on the system include pop up ads while browsing the Internet, being spammed by unsolicited ads while browsing the Internet and having your search and browsing sessions hijacked and forcefully redirected to other websites.

In order to regain control of your PC and to minimize the damage this threat will cause your system, get rid of Adware.faceplus immediately. This can best be achieved by making use of a properly functioning security tool which will not only erase Adware.faceplus but also protect your system against similar attacks in future.

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How to manually remove Adware.faceplius

Files associated with Adware.faceplius infection:


Adware.faceplius processes to kill:


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