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Danger level 9
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Blocks internet connection
  • Block exe files from running
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • System crashes
  • Slow Computer
Other mutations known as:
Antimalware Tool , Security Center

Fake Security Center

Due to all the sophistication invested in its design, experienced and novice users alike may find it difficult to distinguish Security Center as the blatant rogue security tool that it is. This rogue antispyware application, which finds its roots in the same despicable family of rogues as System Defender, Antivirus Pro and Antimalware Tool, may seem like a genuine application with all its references to Windows icons and interfaces in its GUI, but Security Center is in no way related to any Windows product or application.

Security Center uses various underhanded tactics to gain entry to its victims’ PCs, including exploiting all known system and browser weaknesses and susceptibilities. The rogue has also been known to use fake online malware scanners and harmfully insidious browser hijackers to forcefully root its infection into its prospective host PCs. These browser hijackers will redirect the user to its compromised landing pages where it will employ drive-by download tactics to insert Security Center infection into the system.

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Because of its stealth infiltration, users will be unaware of Security Center ’s presence until the rogue is ready to start its attack against the system. This will make it much harder for the user to detect and remove Security Center without some help. As a first line of attack against the PC, Security Center will edit registry settings to enable it to launch each time Windows starts up. It will then initiate a fake system scan as well, which will go on to report on various fake security threats supposedly crippling the system. Users are warned not to believe any correspondence received from Security Center .

As a further attack, Security Center will spam the user with incessant fake security alert pop ups. These falsely generated security messages are meant to panic the user into paying for Security Center ’s fake software. Some of the most popular fake alerts to be on the lookout for reads as follows:

Security Center
Your system has come under attack of harmful software. Click here to deactivate it.

Security Center
External software tries to control variety of your system files. This may lead to breaking of some data in your system. Click here to protect remote access to your PC & delete these programs.

Security Center
Spyware.IEMonster process is found. The virus is going to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) to the third-parties. Click here for further protection of your data with System Defender.

Security Center Firewall Alert
Suspicious activity in your registry system space was detected. Rogue malware detected in your system. Data leaks and system damage are possible. Please use a deep scan option.

Other symptoms reportedly associated with the Security Center infection include poor system performance due to heavy consumption of valuable system resources, as well as increased erratic system behavior. Blocked Internet connections and the inability to launch executables on the system has also been noted.

In order to facilitate with the removal of Security Center , use the following activation code to ‘activate’ Security Center on the system. This will stop all the annoying symptoms, and allow you to get rid of Security Center for good: D13F-3B7D-B3C5-BD84

Do not think that by simply having entered the above activation code that your system is now safe. In order to regain control of your PC and restore your system’s security and health you have to destroy Security Center . This can safest be achieved by using the removal power of a strong, and genuine security application. This will also adequately protect your system against similar future attacks and threats.

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How to manually remove Fake Security Center

Files associated with Fake Security Center infection:

c:\Program Files\Security Center\Security Center.dll
c:\Program Files\Security Center\
%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\mv2.tmp
%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\ins1.tmp
%UserProfile%\Desktop\Security Center.lnk

Fake Security Center DLL's to remove:

Security Center.dll

Remove Fake Security Center registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ““


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