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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


Trojans are computer threats which get into the target systems by pretending to be useful programs. Trojan.Serubsit.A does not even need the user's permission to enter the computer, because it can be programmed to be downloaded and installed automatically. This Trojan infection can be caught in various ways, so users must exercise caution, when they open various attachments or accept file transfers.

For example, spam email is still widely used for the distribution of Trojans, so Trojan.Serubsit.A might be hiding in one of the attachments of these spam messages that you receive from unknown senders. Also, the users should be careful about clicking on random links to webpages, because they could be redirected to sites which host the Trojan download file, or worse - the download might be programmed to start automatically after the click on the link.

When Trojan.Serubsit.A is installed in the computer, it delays executing its payload for some time. Then it is not possible to determine whether you have the infection or not, unless you check your Windows Task Manager. There are certain processes associated with this Trojan, such as GoogleUpdateBeta.exe. This process is a backdoor which downloads malware to the affected computer, and the presence of this process in your Task Manager certainly means that there is something terribly wrong with your system.

You will be sure to notice the Trojan.Serubsit.A infection, when it starts working for real, because this Trojan locks the computer and tries to intimidate you into calling a premium phone number. It says that Windows license is blocked and the parasite requires an activation code which could be acquired by phone. The code is needed to resume the normal performance of the machine.

It will also try to intimidate you into calling by making the screen go red and saying that you have committed network crime. Trojan.Serubsit.A clearly does so in order to rip easy financial gain. In order to avoid falling victim to this computer threat, you need to invest in a reliable security program. If you already have the Trojan in your system and cannot access your desktop, trying loading Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, which would allow you to download the suggested antispyware software and then help you to get rid of the pest.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Serubsit.A

Files associated with Trojan.Serubsit.A infection:


Trojan.Serubsit.A processes to kill:


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