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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Trojan.Glowroni is a malicious cyber threat which can turn your days into hell. It can enter your system under the pretense of being a useful software application, while in fact it does nothing, but harm your system and even steal your data. This Trojan might indeed be able to perform the desirable function, but don’t forget it comes with additional package. The negative things it can to do your computer by far outweigh all the benefits you can receive from this program.

You might be wondering how it is possible to catch this Trojan, which at first glance looks absolutely harmless. There are actually quite a few ways for the Trojan to be delivered, because the hackers behind this crime are very inventive. One of the ways for Trojan.Glowroni to arrive at your system is through spam. Some of the spam messages on the Internet inform the user that a fake “video codec required” if you want to play some sort of video. The problem is that, the video player you have encountered is fake, as well as the codec you are urged to download. What you really download is actually not a codec but a malicious application.

When Trojan.Glowroni is installed, it can do a whole list of actions detrimental to your safety. This Trojan can allow a hacker to remotely access your system. Trojan can steal your important data such as your passwords and banking information, and then send them out over the internet to a third party. What is more, it can also download another type of malware onto your computer, which means that Trojan.Glowroni poises severe threat to your system and you need to tackle it immediately.

It is possible to remove Trojan.Glowroni manually, but it requires at least upper intermediate computing skills. Were you to do perform certain changes in your system without knowing what you are doing in exactly, it might turn out worse than the Trojan infection. So it recommended acquiring a reliable malware remover, which will locate and destroy Trojan.Glowroni automatically. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself and your system from future threats by safeguarding it with a good security program.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Glowroni

Files associated with Trojan.Glowroni infection:


Trojan.Glowroni DLL's to remove:


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