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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans


Backdoor.Gaertob.A is a seditious backdoor Trojan which infiltrates the PC surreptitiously. The purpose of this Trojan is to allow unauthorized access to your PC from an unknown location by hackers. Threats such as these are difficult to detect without the help of a powerful security tool, as Backdoor.Gaertob.A operates completely in the system’s background and will not call any attention to its presence or operations.

Once the criminal hackers gain entry to the system through the help of Backdoor.Gaertob.A they can use the infected PC to spread itself through peer to peer file sharing and will change vital settings of the system.

Finding the file %windir%\rundll.exe is a clear indication of Backdoor.Gaertob.A’s presence on the system. It joins a specific IRC channel and waits for instructions from its author. Using Backdoor.Gaertob.A the hacker can download and execute arbitrary files to the system, or update the Trojan and terminate Windows processes such as security tools which would be able to detect and remove Backdoor.Gaertob.A from the system. It can also copy itself through MSC by sending a copy of itself with the _0014.jpeg-www.imageshack.exe.

It is clear from the above that Backdoor.Gaertob.A is a terrible and unwanted threat to any healthy system’s security. Keep your security software updated so that this type of threat will not get a stronghold on the PC. If you think your system has been compromised get rid of Backdoor.Gaertob.A immediately.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.Gaertob.A

Files associated with Backdoor.Gaertob.A infection:

Backdoor.Gaertob.A processes to kill:



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