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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans


Protecting your PC against all the threats out there aimed at infiltrating and compromising your PC can be a full time job, but never underestimate Backdoor.Netbus.1_70’s determination to succeed in doing this. This backdoor Trojan was designed to be resilient, and you will find it isn’t easy to effectively erase Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 from the system without some help.

Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 will allow faceless people access to your PC from an unknown location. This is disturbing in itself, but what makes Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 even more dangerous is the fact that it will also break down your PC’s inherent security features in an effort to aid the entry other serious threats into the system.

What’s more, Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 will allow the hackers the same privileges and rights as you the administrator have. This means that it has the ability to edit the registry, add and delete files and all this is done without your consent or knowledge as Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 runs in the background.

Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 will ultimately allow strangers complete control of your PC, and you will have no ability to stop them. If you value the privacy and security of your PC, get rid of Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 before it’s too late. This can best be achieved through making use of a genuine security tool which will not only annihilate Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 but also protect your PC against future similar attacks.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.Netbus.1_70

Files associated with Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 infection:


Backdoor.Netbus.1_70 processes to kill:


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