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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • System crashes


Computer threats are becoming more serious and there’s a new bug out there ready to make every user miserable. Exploit:Win32/Shellcode.gen!B is a backdoor Trojan bundled with a whole set of computer security threats. It is designed to bypass computer security tools and settle in your system in no time. It does not take long for the Trojan to start stealing valuable data, because it is almost virtually undetectable by system security tools.

Due to the fact that Exploit:Win32/Shellcode.gen!B is basically invisible to security system, it can cause more damage than average Trojan. It can gain access to your computer and modify system files so that it would be impossible to open security web sites. The Trojan might also download files from the Internet and spread the infection further by disabling the Windows Safe Mode. What is more, it has features of a rootkit, which means that Trojan can exploit the system’s vulnerability and successfully hide itself while at the same time destroying the functionality of various applications.

Exploit:Win32/Shellcode.gen!B comes along with such files as winbudump.exe and synnglp.exe, both of which are cloaked malicious applications and they appear as processes on Windows Task Manager. It means that, if you happened to have found winbudump.exe and synnglp.exe in your Task Manager, it might be a serious implication that you have been infected by the Trojan. Both .exe files are good at deceiving the system. It is hard to recognize them as malicious threats, and they are not easy to remove. Winbudump.exe & synnglp.exe are known to have features of keyloggers, which means they might be able to take control of the system and record keyboard input or mouse activity. Later on this record can be sent out to a third party, leaking your valuable information. On top of that, synglp.exe is also a banking info stealer, eager to extort your passwords, credit card numbers and so on.

This Trojan is a backdoor which stealthily enters the system and can lodge there undetected for quite some time. One thing is for sure: Exploit:Win32/Shellcode.gen!B is a very dangerous threat. With such a Trojan roaming around everyone has to be alerted to keep their systems safe. Keep your guard down and it will be like giving a key to a thief who is just about to rob your house.

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How to manually remove Exploit:Win32/ShellCode.gen!B

Files associated with Exploit:Win32/ShellCode.gen!B infection:


Exploit:Win32/ShellCode.gen!B DLL's to remove:


Exploit:Win32/ShellCode.gen!B processes to kill:


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