Danger level 7
Type: Malware


A malicious file created by unprincipled hackers was designed to infect PCs with malware. Autoruninf attaches itself to PC viruses, and it will launch infected and malicious programs and executables which are stored in removable media like CD ROMs, USB Devices and DVDs and memory sticks.

Should autoruninf reside on a USB Drive, each time the drive is inserted and opened on a PC it will infect the system. The purported threats use various sophisticated ways to spread its infections, such as making multiple copies of autoruninf and .exe files on each infected drive on the compromised PC.

What is even more disturbing is that PCs infected with autoruninf viruses can automatically connect to illicit websites which hosts keyloggers, which will invariably be installed on the PC. These keyloggers are notorious for stealing sensitive personal information of users including their usernames, credit card information, passwords, account numbers as well as social security information and a host of other sensitive information. This can lead to serious consequences for the user and expose him to various forms of identity theft.

There is only one way to secure your PC against this threat and that is to destroy autoruninf before it has the opportunity to destroy your PC. Install genuine security software which will be able to get rid of autoruninf for good.

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