Danger level 7
Type: Malware


Developers of harmful tools and infections aimed at harming unsuspecting PC owners’ systems are increasingly becoming more and more creative in their attacks. It would seem they have targeted genuine Windows components in an effort to hide their harmful software from users and security software, as is the case with wscntfy.exe. Wscntfy.exe is a legitimate executable responsible for outputting the current security status of your PC. It is an essential part of the stable performance of your PC, and should never be deleted.

But, as mentioned earlier, the unscrupulous people behind harmful malware may try and fool you by using genuine Microsoft system components’ names to hide their own malicious software. If you find the wscntfy.exe executable anywhere on the PC other than in its default location, C:Windows\\system32\\wscntfy.exe, then chances are high it could be either a worm, virus, Trojan infection or spyware disguised as a genuine file, and you will need to delete wscntfy.exe off your PC.

In order to make sure that you are indeed dealing with a malicious file, make use of a genuine security tool to make an accurate diagnosis, and then obliterate wscntfy.exe off your PC should it be determined that it is indeed a harmful piece of software.

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