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Danger level 9
Type: Adware

Clickpotato adware

The Clickpotato adware lurks around of illicit websites offering pirate movie downloads. As in the case of past similar threats Pinball and Zango, the user will first need to download a “video codec” before he will be able to watch the movie. The required “video codec” download is actually the Clickpotato adware. Its design and purpose is to spam users with unwanted and irrelevant ads. Some of the ads when clicked on might redirect users to fake or harmful websites.

Even after installing the codecs with Clickpotato adware imbedded in them, users will still be unable to watch any movie without being subjected to the intensely annoying advertisements. Clickpotato adware has also been known to surreptitiously install screensavers on the system, and may even change your homepage without your consent.

This adware plays on users’ emotions and tricks them into thinking they will gain something from installing its corrupt software on their systems. Some of the messages Clickpotato adware has been known to use in order to successfully tricking users into installing it on their PCs reads as follows:

“You must install the movie codec to play movie”

“In exchange for access to an endless array of popular videos, ClickPotato displays occasional promotional messages based on your Web search and browsing.”

Users are urged not to fall for this intentional trickery, and should always keep their security software updated in order to effectively and permanently delete Clickpotato adware and similar threats from their PCs.

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