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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Helper Object


Spyware.Infoaxe is a harmful web browser helper object which is the cause of all types of computer problems. Spyware.Infoaxe will proceed to monitor and record all over your browsing activity, making it available to suspect advertising agencies.

Once Spyware.Infoaxe roots its infection in the PC it will add a certain toolbar to the IE web browser window. Spyware.Infoaxe may also be able to install an extension in Mozilla Firefox. The only option is to dispose of Spyware.Infoaxe from your PC upon immediate detection.

Once this threat gains access to your machine it may seem hard to remove Spyware.Infoaxe. It’s likely you will be subjected to annoying many pop ups, making it difficult to remove Spyware.Infoaxe

Some of the files associated with Spyware.Infoaxe are ietb.dll. Ietb.dll with Internet Explorer is actually a certain process file from a company known as VONeS.NET, which belongs to a product named, Internet Explorer Toolbar.

The best thing that a user can do is to invest in a reliable and trustworthy antispyware removal tool that will effectively be able to remove Spyware.Infoaxe from your computer system.

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How to manually remove Spyware.Infoaxe

Files associated with Spyware.Infoaxe infection:


Spyware.Infoaxe DLL's to remove:


Spyware.Infoaxe processes to kill:



  1. manolopanda Jan 12, 2012

    Hope it works, thanks.

  2. Noma Mar 19, 2012

    I want to remove infoaxe and put back my home page

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