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Danger level 9
Type: Trojans


Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe is a misleading ZIP file posing as a trustworthy attachment to emails. Users can identify Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe as a ZIP archives file which contains an executable file using the same icon as Microsoft Word documents. By making use of the trusted Microsoft Word icon, it can further trick naive users into believing in Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe to be a legitimate file, which it isn\'t.

Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe spreads the Official Trojan, and is usually received as an attachment in a Spam message posing as an official UPS email. Its statistics reads as follows:

File: Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe
Size: 60928 bytes
Publisher: WUsBjuKspHvMxtas
MD5 hash: ed691cabda1bc5f8447d747558f8b64e
SHA1 hash: 73dee84ca24c24533fdda34e958c4c4c2f635ddf
Detection rate: 5 on 16 (31%)

Files which are created after the execution of the Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe EXE file are:

File name: svrwsc-exe
File size: 62464 bytes
MD5 hash: c5ebdc1c45aec27d935a30e74197d402
SHA1 hash: 44c56444557870316389b86c10343beea3245af1
Detection rate: 2 on 16 (13%)

File name: sbxj-lyo
File size: 21504 bytes
MD5 hash: a0528b57e251657ce64e79acfcb45c0a
SHA1 hash: 15df2b7cfda011876e5a3bfca6014390c1b16a2b
Detection rate: 2 on 16 (13%)

File name: ex-08-exe
File size: 259072 bytes
MD5 hash: 3996c77ef6a0b4f365f4d8297bd46c44
SHA1 hash: 05c869267cff02ad999c08565fbe1f266c91a9c0
Detection rate: 2 on 16 (13%)

The system directory file created after the execution of Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe is named sbxj.lyo. sbxj.lyo. It is also the main executable file of the Official Trojan, used to remove control of the PC from the user and to unilaterally install the rogue antispyware security application known as Security Tool.

If you suspect your system of being compromised by this harmful and Trojan spreading file, run an antispyware and antimalware scan on your system to eliminate Label_UPS_Nr11373.exe and all associated malware from your system.

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  1. Richard Oct 30, 2010

    thank you sooo much…..u saved me the trouble and time of taking my pc to the store……thnks a million….all ur steps work and did fix my problem!!

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