Danger level 6
Type: Malware


HKTL_FAKETM is a very harmful hacking tool which you don't want anywhere near your computer system. HKTL_FAKETM is guaranteed to slow your computer system down as well as cause your internet connection to decrease in speed. Once HKTL_FAKETM has gained access to your machine you are guaranteed to experience many harmful symptoms. HKTL_FAKETM is powerful enough to be able to create folders as well as save downloaded files to specifically created folders.

HKTL_FAKETM is able to actually add vast amounts of malicious files which have been created by a remote user as well as being able to compress them and replace them. You need to delete HKTL_FAKETM off your machine upon immediate detection. You should consider obtaining a decent antispyware removal tool that will effectively be able to help you in the removal of HKTL_FAKETM.

HKTL_FAKETM may allow malicious attackers to gain access to your machine. They are then able to steal your confidential information as well as perform many malicious actions with this access they have obtained. You could become the next victim of identity theft or of a big cybercrime. No computer user wants to face these computer problems.

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