Danger level 7
Type: Spyware


Spyware.SniperSpy.B is dangerous spyware that is going to seriously harm the functioning of your computer guaranteed. Spyware.SniperSpy.B is a spyware program that is actually able to log keystrokes and other types of activity on your computer. Spyware.SniperSpy.B puts you at extreme risk of having your confidential information stolen such as your banking passwords and pin numbers. Spyware.SniperSpy.B can result in your becoming the next victim of identity theft.

Spyware.SniperSpy.B may display these symptoms:
• It may feel like somebody is watching you.
• Your internet connection may decrease in speed.
• Files may appear that weren\'t there before.
• Your personal details may appear at various places online.
• You may get malicious emails.

Spyware.SniperSpy.B is dangerous and unless you want malicious criminals to gain access to your personal information and be able to see every single key that you type, it is seriously suggested that you take Spyware. SniperSpy.B seriously. It is a good idea to use the automatic removal process as opposed to the manual removal process.

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