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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Downloader-CEW.f is the latest parasite which comes in the form of Trojan downloader.

Downloader-CEW.f will covertly enter a system and is specifically designed to download and execute remote files, whist also redirecting the user’s browser.

When investigated, Downloader-CEW.f appears to be able to self-protect, as well as being able to monitor the infected system’s memory, and could even randomly name its affiliated malicious files, while it integrates with Windows Operating systems’ critical processes.

Downloader-CEW.f is particularly damaging to a computer system, once it has fully embedded itself within the PC’s system, therefore it is given a high priority security risk status by many computer analysts.

The term Trojan refers to the fact this particular malware, Downloader-CEW.f is installed under deceptive pretences, infiltrating the user’s PC without their approval or knowledge.

The fact that Downloader-CEW.f can easily enter any PC system via security exploits and flaws, most times without the user’s interaction, means that it is that much easier for Downloader-CEW.f to enter the system and ensure the system’s security is immensely compromised.

The first sign that a system is infected with Downloader-CEW.f would be the fact that is capable of terminating Antivirus applications, firewalls, and other security related applications. Downloader-CEW.f will also show characteristics of an identified security risk.

The threat of this particular parasite, Downloader-CEW.f, is not to be taken lightly, as Downloader-CEW.f is highly capable of severely compromising a computer system and may even result in system failure if not entirely removed from the infected system.

The best thing to do would be to remove Downloader-CEW.f and all its affiliated files – so avoid further damage to the infected computer system.

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