lssas.exe information

Danger level1

W A R N I N G !
lssas.exe is related to EasySearch. EasySearch is an extremely dangerous malware and may violate your privacy. lssas.exe indicates that your system is under serious security threat. We advice you to scan your computer for lssas.exe and eliminate EasySearch immediately!

  General information:
File name lssas.exe
Classification Malware
MD5 c4a0a627ea544fbd2c03c1af9ad037bc
File Size 56.10 KB
Category Process Monitor / ProcessesStartup Monitor / Startup / Auto Arrancar Aplicaci
Description . lssas.exe
File Path %windows%\system\
Manufacturer Back
Product Name
/ Version

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  1. MCB May 9, 2013

    I have had this malware on my computer and it changes the file attributes of most
    known files. It has not affected my encrypted files. I lost 29gb of data due to it.

    I had however backups of my files.

    GFI Counterspy could not give me satisfactory info as if they know of it based
    on my explanation in very much detail to them. I was shocked and will not deal with
    them anymore.

    I must however explain that I am partially responsible for having this Trojan on
    my computer, as I have a program that monitors all modules that enter. I however
    on that paticular day was curious as to what and why it was in my program that reveals these modules. And I briefly let it in. It spread like fire and infected
    Gb of data. Some files now lost but I have backups of them and have found a tedious way to remove the execute.

    This malicious program in my instance changes Lssas to issas,exe and has a total file size of 1.56mb. All infected files will have this size attached to them even if the actual file is only several Kb.

    Well you could contact me if you care to knoww any info related to my experience with this MF

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