uninstall.exe information

Danger level1

W A R N I N G !
uninstall.exe is related to FreeAccessBar. FreeAccessBar is an extremely dangerous malware and may violate your privacy. uninstall.exe indicates that your system is under serious security threat. We advice you to scan your computer for uninstall.exe and eliminate FreeAccessBar immediately!

  General information:
File name uninstall.exe
Classification Malware
MD5 51be209e0d90fa37ab1b38dea3b42054
File Size 31.60 KB
Category Startup Monitor / Installed Applications
Description . InstaFinderK
File Path %program_files%\instafink\
Manufacturer InstaFinderK
Product Name
/ Version

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  1. LUKASZ Mar 25, 2008

    YES OK

  2. someone :) Apr 13, 2008

    thank you?

  3. k?vanc Jul 10, 2008


  4. Don Ansell Jul 11, 2008

    I want this malware off of my computer NOW !!!

  5. emro Jul 24, 2008


  6. coooool Jul 28, 2008


  7. grateful Oct 20, 2008

    great with info like this!

  8. raul Oct 22, 2008

    super cool

  9. rtrdhhj Nov 3, 2008


  10. Batman Nov 8, 2008

    Is this unsolicited program a invasion of my personal propety Is there a law againts this. It down loaded it self to my pc now I can't get rid of it Unless I pay the extortion fee.

  11. darlene ruff Nov 26, 2008

    i am mailing you to please take off my computer this software that was accidently put on. i already have other software. however, i have no need for your product. i have no virus and i don't need your product. please remove asap. thank you once again.

  12. dfgdg Dec 6, 2008


  13. aekdc Dec 9, 2008


  14. pissed off guy Dec 14, 2008

    they fucked me too. cocksuckers

  15. Troi Dec 19, 2008

    hey guys do i have to pay for dis to activate or it's free to scan???? ^^

  16. wendy Dec 31, 2008

    ik wil spyware weg hebben ma da gaat ni ik heb al alles geprobeert ma het lukt me niet

  17. joŇ°ko Jan 16, 2009


  18. endriko May 4, 2009

    tomb raider underworld

  19. Ali Aug 12, 2009

    Paid for the full verson and they fuck me thanks alot cock suckers

  20. Lourdes Oct 31, 2009

    How much is the monthly fee

  21. Louie Nov 16, 2010

    These and 99.9% of all viruses stem from the programs that are supposed to protect your pc... dont let these cyber pimps take your hard earned cash for something they created!!!!

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