Danger level 8
Type: Malware


Mal/TDSSPack-Z is a dubious malware application, which may act as spyware on an infiltrated computer system. Mal/TDSSPack-Z is also regarded as a process that belongs to an advertising program affiliated with rogue applications.

Mal/TDSSPack-Z monitors the computer system user’s browsing habits and may distributes the gathered data back to the author\'s servers, for analysis. Mal/TDSSPack-Z also prompts advertising pop-up messages. Mal/TDSSPack-Z is a security risk and should be removed from any computer system is has infiltrated.

Also considered by many experts as Cloaked malware, Mal/TDSSPack-Z is capable of performing the following behavior on an infected PC:

* Changes the Internet Explorer Search Page
* Creation and Registration of a Browser Helper Object in Internet Explorer
* Registers a Dynamic Link Library File
* Deleted as a process from disk
* Created as a process on disk
* Registered as a Dynamic Link Library File
* Allows parasites associated with the file to operate invisibly in the background
* May record your credit cards, bank passwords and other personal information
* Parasites operate on your PC while malicious file is present on the system

In order to remove Mal/TDSSPack-Z and all its components from an infected computer system, one should remove all files, folders and registry keys and registry values associated with Mal/TDSSPack-Z.

The Windows registry stores highly important system information, such as system preferences, use settings, installed programs’ details, as well as additional information about applications which automatically run on start-up of the machine. This is a huge reason why malware of all sorts target the registry files, as it adjusts its functions so that it is automatically launched every time the user starts up their PC.

Editing the registry can be quite a daunting task, especially for those users who are not computer experts. Therefore it is always recommended to perform a thorough backup of all data on the infected system, this way allowing for reinstallation if so needed.

The most important thing to remember is that Mal/TDSSPack-Z should be removed from a computer system as soon as it has been detected!

To avoid any unneeded risks of damage to your computer system, it is highly recommended to make use of a reliable and legitimate anti-spyware application, to remove Mal/TDSSPack-Z and all its components from the infected computer system.

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