Danger level 8
Type: Malware


W32.IRCBot!gen2 is the latest malware to be affecting computer systems globally. Being a heuristic detection routine, W32.IRCBot!gen2 was designed to be able to modify the infiltrated systems’ security settings, and may be capable of downloading additional malware onto the infected system as well.

As soon as W32.IRCBot!gen2 is installed on a computer system, it may attempt to adjust the Windows registry keys, and could generate additional malware onto the infiltrated system.

A computer system infected with as W32.IRCBot!gen2 may display the following warning signs:

• Corrupt files re-opens after been erased
• Modified browser start page, search page and error page
• Missing registry files
• Unknown programs show up in the process list
• Annoying Pop-Up Advertisement
• Changes in Internet Settings
• Unwanted Web Browser Components
• Decreased System Speeds

Should your system be experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, chances are there is malware present.

W32.IRCBot!gen2 may also load up with Internet Explorer, as a Browser Helper Object (BHO). This means that W32.IRCBot!gen2 is a dynamic link library (DLL) that tends to run as soon as Internet Explorer is started. BHO’s are usually installed covertly onto an unsuspecting computer system, so as to ensure the secretive gathering of information from the infected computer to a remote controller.

According to a few sources, W32.IRCBot!gen2 tends to infiltrate a system by employing the following tactics:

• Through unexpected email attachments.
One of the most popular ways of becoming infected with spyware is by opening an attachment sent via e-mail. You should never open unexpected email attachments. Confirm with the sender first that they did in fact send the email.
• Through browser security loopholes while you\'re surfing the Web. Some spyware can even bypass firewalls by disguising itself as part of legitimate software.
• Through instant messenger programs.
If you\'re not secured by a good firewall, spyware can attach itself when you\'re sharing files with your instant messenger.

So, how would W32.IRCBot!gen2 be able to infect a system?

Well, as with many of these type malware applications, there are a few vulnerabilities these type applications target:

1. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Networks
2. Freeware and Shareware
3. Malicious Websites

In order to prevent malware from infiltrating your system, there are a number of steps one can take, which includes the following:

1. Install a comprehensive anti-spyware product
2. Update your anti-spyware software definitions
3. Perform Windows security updates
4. Scan your system regularly for spyware

To avoid unnecessary risk of further damaging your computer system, you should make use of a good legitimate and reliable spyware remover, which will come equip with all the necessary tools needed to rid your system of all nefarious activity allowed to enter into the system by W32.IRCBot!gen2.

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How to manually remove W32.IRCBot!gen2

Files associated with W32.IRCBot!gen2 infection:


W32.IRCBot!gen2 processes to kill:


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