Danger level 8
Type: Malware


Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy is the latest form of malware software, further classified as an Exploit.

An Exploit is software or code that targets security vulnerabilities, usually in an Operating System or via a Browser.

Being a form of Exploit software, Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy may also target vulnerabilities in other programs.

Exploits are typically used to install malicious software on the victim\'s computer without the victim\'s knowledge or consent.

Accordingly, Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy may be used to install malware that gives the attacker complete access to and control of the affected computer from a remote location.

Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy may also in light of the above be related to Spyware software, and is thus imperative that it be removed from any system it has infiltrated – as soon as it has been detected.

Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy has been found to possibly display the following properties:

* Allows parasites associated with the file to operate invisibly in the background.
* May record your credit cards, bank passwords and other personal information.
* Parasites operate on your PC while malicious file is present on the system.
* The Process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process
* Modifies the Systems Winsock LSP which could allow control over all communications of the system
* Registers a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) File
* Loads and Executes a System Driver File
* Registered as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) File
* Created as a process on disk
* Executed as a Process
* Deleted as a process from disk
* Registered as a Dynamic Link Library File
* Downloaded from covert web sites without the user knowing

If infected with this nefarious application, it is advised to consult a legitimate anti-spyware application for step-by-step instructions on how to remove this application – to ensure the dubious application is eradicated completely.

Remember, this application needs to be eradicated immediately!

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How to manually remove Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy

Files associated with Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy infection:


Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy DLL's to remove:


Remove Exploit.IMG.WMF.oy registry entries:


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