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Danger level 8
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Slow Computer

Registry Doktor 4.1

Registry Doktor 4.1 is a menacing application, which guises itself as a registry optimizer, however – it is nothing more than Scareware and should definitely NOT be trusted.

Registry Doktor 4.1 is the latest version of the rogue application: Registry Doktor 2009. The creators of which have now mastered its dubious activities in the new version: Registry Doktor 4.1. Unsuspecting users are perfect targets for the makers of these misleading applications to target, so be sure to know all you should about these type malware programs, to prevent falling into the ‘duped user’ category.
Registry Doktor 4.1 employs all the tactics used by Registry Doktor 2009, only this time having somewhat perfected its modus operandi. What Registry Doktor 4.1 does is it focuses its attentions on PC users with registry problems, Registry Doktor 4.1 will then convince the user that it is the best program to utilize in order to fix the registry errors.

Not only will Registry Doktor 4.1 claim to be able to find all registry errors and issues, but it will claim to be able to boost the user’s computer system’s performance and clean the windows registry.

Registry Doktor 4.1 will then proceed to mimic a system scan and will then also bombard the system with security alerts. What Registry Doktor 4.1 then does is report large quantities of parasitic activity on the system (all of which are fictitious!) and will coerce the user into purchasing its full version – convincing the user that the only way to rid their system of all the nefarious activity is to purchase its full version!

Very important to bear in mind: These claims are all false! They are designed to confuse and coerce you, the user, into purchasing its full version – but in actuality the only real threat to the system is Registry Doktor 4.1 itself.
Registry Doktor 4.1 is merely a tool whereby its creators are raking in heaps of money. As is what happens with all these type malware applications, the difference however in Registry Doktor 4.1 is the fact that it tends to be vocal – it screams at the user, and all in German!

Typically, a rogue registry cleaner the likes of Registry Doktor 4.1 tend to display the following tactics and properties:

• False positives/fake alerts:
Rogue registry cleaner may produce a large number of false positives or use fake alerts, noting that the computer in question has registry errors that don’t really exist.

• Copycat looks:
Rogue registry cleaners may copy the look and feel of other legitimate registry cleaners. Often, rogue registry cleaners may appear as close clones of other rogue registry cleaner software.

• High pressure marketing:
Rogue registry cleaners may use scare tactics or other aggressive advertising and marketing tactics to try to trick the user into purchasing the rogue registry cleaner application. Often, rogue registry cleaners may produce false positives and fake alerts about the system being damaged.

• Poor detection/scan reporting:
Rogue registry cleaner software may produce poor reports when it scans a PC. For example, a rogue registry cleaner may say your computer has 12 registry errors, but not specify which what types of errors. Rogue registry cleaners may also report that your PC has Fake Error #20, but not tell you which files or registry keys are specifically damaged.

• Weak scanning/detection:
Rogue registry cleaner applications may not only poorly report on registry errors, but rogue registry cleaners may also poorly scan the PC. Rogue registry cleaner applications may skip over important folders and files of a computer that should be scanned to detect errors.

All in all – one can clearly see that Registry Doktor 4.1 is NOT to be trusted, as its main goal is to coerce unsuspecting users into parting with their hard earned money!

The best thing to do should Registry Doktor 4.1 be present in a computer system would be to remove Registry Doktor 4.1 and all its components – immediately. Also stop and remove all processes, unregister the DLL files and be sure to employ a trustworthy anti-spyware application in order to remove all affiliates of this misleading application.

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  1. claude Sep 14, 2009

    Ce qui m'a alerté c'est que j'ai toujours le même nombre d'erreurs dans les registres, les files etc. Ce logiciel n'est qu'une fumisterie !

    Par ailleurs, j'ai été facturé 4 fois pour un total de 248,45 E et comme c'est un paiement par carte bancaire, ma banque ne peut pas annuler ce type de prélèvement à ma demande. Il me faut déposer une plainte pour qu'elle puisse -enfin- refuser ces prélèvements.

    Parlez en dans les forums, autour de vous pour éviter d'autres victimes.

  2. Claude Sep 14, 2009

    Oh, il faudrait un logiciel de traduction amélioré, je suppose que mon commentaire (écrit en Français) a été traduit en Anglais puis (mal) retranscrit en Français car le résultat est pratiquement imcompréhensible.

  3. s,barina Aug 25, 2010

    doktor.s.barina manuellemet.reystry supprimer

  4. s.barina Aug 25, 2010

    SUPPRIMER reystry DOKTOR 4.1

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