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A fake alert known as 1-888-478-4654 is an intrusive and potentially harmful piece of software that must be removed without any hesitation if it is ever found running on your personal computer. Developers of this fake warning message are using intricate scare techniques to profit illegally from users that are not as computer savvy as IT professionals are. In the majority of cases, users get this devious program because they are not aware about the importance of virtual security and overall online dangers. Thus, in our report, we provide a few tips that our research team advises you to practice in order to establish a strong system security. Also, we present a practical and easy to follow removal guide that will allow you to delete the 1-888-478-4654 fake alert in its entirety. To learn more about the devious inner workings of this suspicipious piece of software, read the rest of this report, as we provide information that has been discovered by our malware experts during the analysis.

As soon as 1-888-478-4654 fake alert enters your operating system, it silently creates an auto-start registry value, which will trigger an execution of its devious file upon each system start. This means that for as long as all of the parts of this intrusive program are active on your PC, you will be presented with a warning message every single time your computer starts, which is annoying, to say the least. The alert itself is carefully designed by cyber crooks to appear as a legitimate Windows warning notice so that naive Internet user would be scared. Our researchers were not fooled by the clever design; in fact, if you pay close attention you will notice that the fake message has a few grammatical errors. Another reason it has been identified as fake is the fact that you are asked to call a certified Microsoft technician. Such instructions are never present on a legitimate Windows system warning. Make sure not to get in contact with the scammers under any circumstances as it could have detrimental outcomes. To further scare you the intrusive application will block your desktop. While the alert can be closed, this malicious application will also block your ability to use all .exe files; thus, the majority of your applications will be unusable, meaning that your PC will not be fully usable. The complete removal of 1-888-478-4654 is the only way to regain full functionality of your personal computer. Do not waste your time and follow the instructions that we present below to get rid of it once and for all.

During the analysis of the 1-888-478-4654 scam, our experts have discovered that in some cases users infect their PC with it via a redirect. This means that you could have obtained it by clicking on a seemingly harmless ad, coupon, or pop-up, which eventually lead you to a website that hosted the devious program in question. It is critical to take preventative steps to avoid from finding yourself in such a situation. One of the must do things is developing safe browsing habits. This means that you need to refrain yourself from all pop-ups or ads presented on questionable websites. This way you will reduce the risk of ending up on potentially harmful web pages. Also, we highly advise you to acquire all of your software from authentic developers’ websites only. This is important since unauthorized third-party download sites are infamous for providing bundled installers, which are notorious for being one of the primary means of distribution used by cyber crooks. Of course, your best bet to maintain a fully secure operating system at all times is by having a licensed antimalware tool. If you still do not have one, make sure to acquire such a tool as soon as possible. This is paramount since a tool like this provides overall system security at all times. Take these preventative steps and your operating system will become virtually unbreakable.

The through removal of the 1-888-478-4654 fake alert must not be delayed under any circumstances as there is a possibility that it could attract other potentially harmful programs. The instructions that we present below should be executed with your utmost attention as it involves manual registry tweaking. If performed wrong it could result in an incomplete removal of 1-888-478-4654 or worse – your PC could malfunction. If after the termination procedure you are still seeing the intrusive fake alert, do not hesitate to double-check your PC for leftovers linked to it. For users that do not feel comfortable performing manual removal and analysis of their operating system because it seems too challenging, we recommend deleting 1-888-478-4654 with a reliable malware detection and removal tool since it can perform all of these tasks automatically.

How to remove 1-888-478-4654 from your personal computer

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  3. Select a file entitled microsoft alert.exe and remove it.
  4. Navigate to C:\Users\[your username]\Downloads.
  5. Locate a malicious .exe file and delete it. Note that the name of this file is random.
  6. Click the Windows button.
  7. Type regedit into the search field and tap Enter on your keyboard.
  8. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartupApproved\StartupFolder.
  9. Right-click a registry value called MICROSOFT ALERT.exe and select Delete.
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