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Fake warning (800)-794-3298

Fake warning (800)-794-3298 is an annoying pop-up that might start appearing on your screen one day. In most cases, users see it because they visit an untrustworthy webpage The majority of users do not enter this website willingly. Instead, they end up on it because they have malicious software installed that redirects them to this website from time to time. Of course, there is also a possibility that users have entered an untrustworthy website and then have been taken to the website containing the Fake warning (800)-794-3298. Believe us; you will quickly find those fake alerts annoying if they start appearing on your screen every day, so you should do what is necessary to dismiss them once and for all. In some cases, it will be enough not to visit the website redirecting to the Fake warning (800)-794-3298 ever again; however, if you notice that the website containing this warning is opened for you every day, it is very likely that you will have to find and eliminate malware installed on your computer to get rid of the Fake warning (800)-794-3298.

Fake warning (800)-794-3298 is shown for users not without a reason. Researchers at say that they are displayed for users in order to promote the telephone number (800)-794-3298 and thus scare users into contacting the “certified technicians.” The Fake warning (800)-794-3298 includes the following text (an excerpt):

Dear customer,
A serious malfunction has been detected with Windows 10 and your Firefox 43. Please call the toll-free number below for Microsoft-Certified technician to help you resolve the issue:
For your safety, closing the Firefox browser has been disabled without support of the Microsoft-Certified technician to avoid corruption to the registry of your Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

You might, of course, see a slightly different text as well; however, it will still say that there is a serious error that has to be fixed. The message might really seem to be legitimate at first glance, so many users decide to contact the support by the given number. This is especially true if users find that they cannot close the pop-up. To be honest, we do not recommend dialing the provided number because it might be a premium-rate number even though it is said to be a toll-free one. We do not think that it is a good idea to contact those technicians because nobody knows who hides behind this number and the Fake warning (800)-794-3298. You might even call cyber criminals who seek to extort personal information from users. Also, you might be offered to buy security software that is completely ineffective and might even download additional malware on your computer.

You should not worry about the presence of the Fake warning (800)-794-3298 because it just seeks to scare into calling the so-called technical support. The only thing you have to worry about now is how to remove malicious software redirecting to the website containing the Fake warning (800)-794-3298. Specialists say that adware, hosts modifiers, and other infections might be responsible for the presence of these annoying pop-ups. In most cases, they enter systems without permission because they travel in software bundles. It is not very easy, but we cannot say that it is impossible to protect the system from future infections that might perform all kinds of undesirable activities. First of all, you need to install security software on your computer and keep it always there to ensure the system’s safety. Secondly, we suggest that you always download software from trustworthy websites and install new applications carefully to be able to decline the installation of undesirable software.

If you see Fake warning (800)-794-3298 pop-ups every day, the only way to get rid of them is to find malware and remove it from the system. It will not be easy to do that because malicious software knows how to hide from users. Therefore, we suggest using an automatic malware remover, e.g. SpyHunter to find threats responsible for the presence of these annoying alerts. You can close the Fake warning (800)-794-3298 for now by simply closing your browser tab; however, if you do not do anything to eliminate malware from your system, there is basically no doubt that you will see the Fake warning (800)-794-3298 on your screen again.

How to remove the Fake warning (800)-794-3298 from the screen

  1. Right-click on the browser tab that contains the fake warning.
  2. Select Close tab to eliminate it.
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