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Danger level 9
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel
  • Blocks Internet browsers
  • Blocks internet connection
  • Installs itself without permissions

Security Bytes 2015

Security Bytes 2015 is a malware program that accesses the computer without the user’s permission and makes unauthorized settings leading to system malfunctioning. The Security Bytes 2015 program looks like a security program; it offers various online security-related options, but, however, cannot fulfill any of the offers. Security Bytes 2015 is a scam aimed at obtaining your money, i.e., making you spend up to 99.95 USD dollars. Instead of wasting your money on the useless full version of Security Bytes 2015, you should remove the trial version running on your PC and reconsider your browsing behavior in order to avoid similar programs in the future. Adult-themed websites, freeware websites, and file exchange websites are the sources of various computer threats, and it is advisable to stay away from such sites.

Security Bytes 2015 is a program that falls into the category of Braviax, also called FakeRean infections. Programs associated with this category change their names on different operating systems. For example, on Windows XP, you are likely to deal with Security Bytes XP 2015. There are many other programs operating in the same way, including programs such as AVbytes Win 8 Antivirus 2015, A-Secure 2015, Rango Win 8 Antivirus 2015, and many others. All these programs are included in the databases of some security programs, so it is time to acquire one to have Security Bytes 2015 removed.

Security Bytes 2015 cannot safeguard you against malware and spyware although it displays its scanner and seems to be capable of detecting infections. The list of threats you are provided with is not related to your operating system; hence, you should ignore those scan results. Moreover, you should disregard pop-up alerts that are shown whenever you try to launch an executable file. Are you informed that some programs are infected? Those strange alerts are generated by Security Bytes 2015, and, once you remove the infection, you can use your programs as usual.

We recommend that you use a powerful malware and spyware removal tool to remove Security Bytes 2015 from the computer, because manual removal requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Our advice is to use SpyHunter, which removes Security Bytes 2015 with ease and safeguards the system against multiple threats, such as Trojan horses, browser hijackers, and ransomware infections. Our instructions below will help you install the recommended program properly. Follow this installation guide so that the installer of the program does not get disabled by the Security Bytes 2015 malware.

Remove Security Bytes 2015

Windows 7

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Wait for the BIOS splash screen and start tapping the F8 key.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  4. Go to http://www.pcthreat.com/download-sph and download our recommended program.
  5. Install the program downloaded and remove Security Bytes 2015.

Windows XP

  1. Restart the PC.
  2. When the BIOS screen loads, repeatedly tap F8.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  4. Click Yes.
  5. Open the Start menu
  6. Launch Run.
  7. Enter msconfig and click OK.
  8. Open the Startup tab.
  9. Click Disable all and press OK.
  10. Go to http://www.pcthreat.com/download-sph and download SpyHunter.
  11. Install the program and launch a system scan.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the right side of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Power button.
  4. Press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click Restart.
  5. When you are asked to choose an option, click Troubleshoot.
  6. In another screen, select Advanced options.
  7. Click Startup Settings.
  8. Press Restart (lower-left corner).
  9. Press F5 to reboot the system in Safe Mode with Networking.
  10. Go to http://www.pcthreat.com/download-sph and download our recommended security program.
  11. Install the program and scan the computer.
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