Danger level 9
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow internet connection
  • Strange toolbar installed without Your permission

Fake Google Chrome Update

Fake Google Chrome Update is a scam which you should be aware of because of its capability to install potentially unwanted programs. The update is available on a malicious websites, and when the user accesses it, he/she is informed that the current version of the browser is outdated and that the latest version should be installed. Fake Google Chrome Update is not the only scam of this type. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are also targeted by some sly cyber criminals, and it is important to note that internet browsers should be updated or downloaded from the official websites.

The fraudulent web page has a disclaimer in which it is stated that the provider of the update is not affiliated with Google Chrome, which means that Google Chrome does not take responsibility for your interaction with third parties, to which you are exposed when installing the update.

The aim of Fake Google Chrome Update is to replace the current browser with a new one, which is usually some older version, and install unwanted programs. In the present case, Fake Google Chrome Update uses Premium Installer to install Google Chrome from secure.oi-installer9.com. Additionally, the user is informed about the installation of Optimizer Pro, which is also known as PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro. The additional program is presented as a tool that can diagnose and scan for system errors, and optimize the performance of the system. There is no other choice but to either accept the terms of use or decline the installation of the whole update, and once the application is installed, an automatic system scan is launched.

Do not trust Optimizer Pro because it seeks to push you into registering it, which means that you will have to pay money for the service.  Some time ago, the application was available at $34.95 and now it can be purchase at a discount. Nevertheless, it is advisable to remove the program because some of the search results may be falsified to encourage you to purchase the full version of the program.

It has also been found that Fake Google Chrome Update can install unwanted browser extensions. If you have updated your browser and found that Incredibar toolbar is installed, do not wait but remove the toolbar from the browser. It is very likely that the home page and the search provider of the browser are hijacked, which means that your home page is replaces with a new one. The toolbar can collect information about your browsing habits so that it can be used for advertising purposes.

In order to tackle the problems cause by Fake Google Chrome Update you should implement a powerful spyware removal tool. The undesirable version of the browser should be replaced with an original one provided by the actual developer. Moreover, all the malicious files and unwanted programs should also be deleted from the system. Since the removal of the potentially unwanted programs, especially the toolbar, takes time, we recommend that you use SpyHunter. The anti-spyware program will thoroughly examine the system and erase every single file that may have some negative effect on the performance of the system or your privacy.

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