Danger level 7
Type: Malware

Facebook Stalker Virus

Facebook has been found to be riddled with various stalker applications, and now malware researchers call them Facebook Stalker Virus. Facebook Stalker Virus is a Facebook scam which spreads further on when a user grants permission for the application to access his or her personal information, including personal details and the friend list. Typically, the user is invited to start using a program which will show her what people are viewing the profile details and photos. Once the user grants permission, a link promoting the same stalker application is automatically posted on the user’s wall so that more Facebook users can be victimized. More specifically, a malicious code is installed if you agree to start using a stalker application.

One of Facebook applications which should be avoided is a program allowing the user to find out his or her top 10 profile spies and it is called Profile Spy. When you click on the link promoting the program, you are given a suspicious Javascript which you have to copy and paste in your browser. If you ever come across this application, do not follow its instructions because by pasting the Javascript you will post the same message on your friends’ wall. Facebook also advises that you ignore such applications because they cannot show you who is viewing your profile. The aim of the so-called “stalker apps” is to infected as many Facebook accounts as possible and try to earn money by offering advertising services and the like.

As to the removal of Facebook Stalker Virus, the first thing that you should do is change your passwords in the Account Settings. Second, you should remove all the applications that you do not use. Moreover, delete the posts from your wall and your friends’ walls and inform your friends about the threat. Do not allow bogus applications manipulate you and ignore suspicious links. If you find a message or some link on your friend’s wall inviting you to start using some application, first maker sure whether he or she has posted it deliberately.

It is also advisable to scan the computer even though Facebook Stalker virus is a Facebook scam. New scam programs are released from time to time and you should be sure that you are protected from malware and spyware attacks. We recommend that you implement SpyHunter, whose free scanner is available below, because this application can fight various threats off and safeguard your privacy.

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