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Danger level 8
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Block exe files from running
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Normal system programs crash immediatelly
  • Slow internet connection

Securebit Virus

Securebit Virus, or simply Securebit, is a fake anti-virus program promoted by a registered company.  This scenario seems to be a new strategy for earning revenue as so far it has been known that fake security programs are normally created and promoted by cyber criminals. Securebit Virus, unlike other fake applications, is known to be digitally signed by Secure Bit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. However, it does not mean that the application is reliable and safe.

Securebit Virus is also known as MSIL/LockScreen.EC, and it is known to be able to lock the computer after a particular period of time. Until known, the fake AVs have been known to provide information which does not reflect the actual condition of the system. The capability of locking the computer is an additional feature, which is why it is important to remove Securebit Virus as soon as it is detected on the PC.

This treacherous application, which seems to contain the characteristics of ransomware, displays a windows showing fake security status and simulated security alters. It is important to ignore the infections presented as they derive from various malicious files which are located in different locations in the infected system. Here is what will keep popping up from the system tray:

Free Antivirus
Infected files have been detected on your PC
359 Infected files found.
It is recommended that you run a full scan and clean your PC.
For Support Call 1-800-862-2015 (Toll Free US / Canada)

The same toll-free telephone number you will find on the website According to the website, the company serves 24/7 support so that the user can solve the computer-related problems once he/she needs help.

If you delay the removal of Securebit Virus, or, as the tech support of the company would probably say, fail to register the program in time, do not get surprised when the malware locks the screen. Instead of demanding that you pay a particular sum of money, the message claims that you have to call the helpline so that you can unlock the computer:

This computer is potentially infected.
Antivirus has blocked some features of windows.
Please contact support for removal and clean up.
1 (800) 862 2015
USA / Canada Toll Free.

It has been found that the creators of the program embedded the registration key of the program in the binary, and it is 7838408274.  Try applying this key to prevent the computer from the lock-down.

If the user calls the toll-free telephone number provided, he or she will be informed that the locked computer is infected. In order to regain access to the system, he or she will be offered to buy some security software that will cost the user $49.99.

Do not purchase any software offered by Securebit Technologies as you may acquire another insecure tool. Instead of wasting money on dubious products, implement a reliable spyware removal tool such as SpyHunter in order to remove malicious files and registry entries which are created by Securebit Virus. The software will also protect the computer so that it does not get infected with various infections. So if you want to protect the computer, take immediate actions right now.

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