Danger level 9
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Will change your homepage
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Annoying Pop-up's

SIAE virus

Even though governments and law enforcement have a lot of ways to get through to ordinary users, it definitely does not use such methods as SIAE virus. This malicious infection lets you know of its presence in a very exhibitionistic way, considering that it does not allow accessing the Desktop and plasters a huge warning message all over it announcing that your computer has been locked and you must pay a €100 euro fine for having been involved in illegal activity. SIAE virus indicates downloading music as the activity for which you can supposedly receive a sentence of imprisonment up to 3 years.

SIAE virus is quick to claim that it is a legal application approved by the national police. This ransomware targets Italian internet users and it presents the warning message in Italian, because upon the infection the malware reads the user’s IP address and then decides upon which version of the interface it is supposed to show. Thus, there are similar versions of the same infection that attack users in Spain, English, Germany, Austria and other countries. Unlike rogue antispyware that only change the interface language, this ransomware changes its own name and overall interface layout to make it seem like every single infection is unique. In order words, SIA virus is a localized version of FBI MoneyPak infection that first has appeared in the United States.

SIAE virus makes it seem as if the fine and the payment are absolutely safe and as long as the user pays for the “crime”, everything is going to be alright:

Il mancato rispetto di questa richiesta potrebbe comportare imputazioni penali e possitiblita di detenzione.

Per esguire il pagamento, inserite il codice Paysafecard aquisito del campo bonifico, selezionate il valore del codice e quindi premete il pulsante “Invia”.

SIAE e legittimato dalla legge – ed e in stretto contatto con i legislatori e la Polizia.

However, SIAE virus has not contacts with the national police and it is nothing more than a meager thief. The only way to deal with the thief is to banish it from your system as soon as possible. Since SIAE virus blocks you from accessing your desktop, the only way to go on with the removal is to restart your computer and load it in Safe Mode with Networking. For that you need to press the F8 button while the system boots. The infection is not strong enough to mess with the Safe Mode, so you can download and install a computer security program that will help you to remove SIAE virus once and for all. Don’t forget that this is nothing, but a scam and the sooner this infection is gone, the better.

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