Danger level 9
Type: Backdoors
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Block exe files from running
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Changes background
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Strange toolbar installed without Your permission
Other mutations known as:
Backdoor.ProxyBot.C , Backdoor.ProxyBot.D


Backdoor.ProxyBot is something you should not have in your computer, because it is a backdoor Trojan that allows hackers an unrestricted access to your system. It may crawl into your computer by most various means and without you even noticing it. Once it is inside, you may expect your security tool to detect Backdoor.ProxyBot by different names, such as, Backdoor.ProxyBot.C, Backdoor.ProxyBot.D or others. If you have noticed one of many files related to Backdoor.ProxyBot you have to remove them instantly, since it will allow access to your computer to the third parties by creating loopholes.

It is difficult to notice Backdoor.ProxyBot in your computer, because it has no interface. This infection bares files, which, from the first look, seem like some of the Windows components, but in reality belong to Backdoor.ProxyBot’s. For example, Windows uses a file named svchost.com, and, by changing only one letter, Backdoor.ProxyBot creates a malicious scvhost.exe that an inattentive reader might treat as a good one.

Some of the Backdoor.ProxyBot components are closely associated with a nasty rogue System Guard. Due to these components the rogue can be secretly installed into your system. You will not know about its presence in your system until it starts an unexpected scan, disable some Windows features and initiate simulated pop ups. If you have noticed any of these symptoms, you should have your computer checked with a legitimate security tool because it is highly possible that your system is infected not only with System Guard but with Backdoor.ProxyBot, as well.

Unless Backdoor.ProxyBot is deleted, it can fulfill its main purpose: to gain full control of your computer making hackers able to adopt it for their own purposes. If such damage is done, you may have your Internet Explorer start page changed, some of Windows features disabled. Furthermore, one of the most obvious ways of knowing your computer is at risk is fake alerts. You may be shown fake notifications saying that:

Windows Desktop Error Error! Decktop.ini file corrupt! Windows will now repair this file and rebuild your desktop.

If Backdoor.ProxyBot stays in your system, and you keep using your computer as usual, you may end up having your personal and credit card data stolen, and numerous malware downloaded secretly. Worst of all, if you do not get rid of Backdoor.ProxyBot, your computer may be turned into a proxy server, which will allow hackers to use it for multiple malicious purposes, for example, to conduct illegal activities or attack other networks.

Backdoor.ProxyBot is a threatening infection, and you need to remove it from your system as soon as you detect its presence. You should use a powerful security tool to terminate Backdoor.ProxyBot and scan your computer. After the removal you may repeat the scan to make sure there are no harmful threats left.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.ProxyBot

Files associated with Backdoor.ProxyBot infection:


Backdoor.ProxyBot DLL's to remove:


Backdoor.ProxyBot processes to kill:


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